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Article: F A R A K - The Story of 'Difference'

F A R A K - The Story of 'Difference'

F A R A K - The Story of 'Difference'

If the saying- you are what you wear is true then here’s the difference FARAK makes to what your style says about you.

Welcome to our blog!

Since you’re here let us tell you our side of the story with FARAK. Hoping to hear some stories in your life which were inspired by FARAK.

FARAK is a term that symbolizes DIFFERENCE when compared to or created, in something new.

The idea took inspiration while we started creating our legacy with various products.
 Each one of them symbolizes uniqueness, making it special and different from the rest.
And that’s how FARAK came into existence.
We aim at creating a unique and different identity here with FARAK. 

The story...

I come from a small village in India and have resided there for the first ten years of my life. After which I moved to U.A.E and was brought up there for the remaining parts.  Since then I've been fascinated by the diversity seen across the people living there, and the love they hold for the art and culture of India. Not just in UAE but I observed the love and fondness, people all around the world have for the art, culture, heritage, traditions, monuments and the various variety of people that make INDIA.   

This process has further paved the way for our brand’s culture, where we aim at bringing the two worlds together, the Indian and the Western world, blending the two cultures with their art and culture to create something aesthetically beautiful and pleasing. This became the root of FARAK- a brand where ‘your culture is our pride’ and thus we made ‘your culture, our brand’.

Our designs take inspiration from the Indian architecture, monuments, art, culture and the history of India. This ranges from the Rajput art and style that is so lavishly portrayed on the forts and palaces of Rajasthan to the Mughal art and style that is reminisced with monuments like Taj Mahal- this inspires us with their grandeur and fascination of the story behind it, making it so unique and admirable.

What makes FARAK, “FARAK”?

Our designers infuse the Western and the Indian culture and bring together our uniquely designed pieces. That makes us different from the rest. Our vision is to encourage awareness about our culture and portray its richness and create something extraordinary that brings value to your style as well as your life. This is what we aim to create with FARAK. And that’s where all the FARAK lies.

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This the best startup .and the prints are amazing❤️


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