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Handwoven khadi Jacket - Black

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    This jacket is rare in every sense of the word.

    The Jacket has patterns of the walls of Hawa Mahal with a rare inverted style. 

    It is made from Khadi fabric, which is even scarce because it can only be produced in small quantities each day. What makes it even rarer is the fact that it is completely prepared by hand-spun and hand-woven methods. Not to forget that on the Black canvas, the small details curated in red enhance the beauty of the jacket further.

    Fabric and styling details:

    • 100% handwoven khadi cotton
    • Dropped Shoulder loose fit
    • Unisex 
    • Wooden block hand printed design patched throughout 
    • Design inspired from the walls of Hawa Mahal in Jaipur
    • best paired with handwoven khadi cotton pants

     Note: This piece is made in a limited quantity. Therefore, it will never be restocked once sold out*