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“Vintage Purples” Block-Printed Hoodie

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  • About the design:

    This design was inspired by two unique industries: colour and culture. The Browns symbolise the state's historical and vintage aspects, as well as FARAK, whilst the Purples represent the city's contemporary and pop side.

    Similarly, the hood is as modern as the purples, yet the style is traditional. Combining both highlights the creative director's work in a way that has both a rural and modern essence. This hoodie is a favourite of the creative director since it exhibits his art of juxtaposition of colours from two separate spectrums.

    The piece is completely hand-printed using Khadi (a special dye). Also, the blocks used for designing are approximately 80 years old and are a part of a generational artisan family. This is the best pick for your winter collection.

    Fabric and styling details:

    • 60% cotton 40% polyester heavy fleece
    • Slightly Dropped Shoulder loose fit
    • Unisex
    • Hand-printed using wooden blocks

      Note: This piece is made in a limited quantity. Therefore, it will never be restocked once sold out*