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Babil Khan in FARAK: The Dichotomy Shirt

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About the design:

The Dichotomy Shirt pays a heartfelt tribute to artisans, drawing inspiration from the profound quote "Aasman pe sir, per zameen par," which underscores the importance of both the craft and the craftsmen. It conveys the message that the journey of intricate work not only elevates the artisan but also instils a sense of humility. This narrative is vividly brought to life through the digital printing adorning the garment. Meticulously handwoven and handspun, it bears the artisanal touch of Pramod Ji, a fourth-generation master craftsman hailing from Fatehpur. What sets this piece apart is the captivating digital printing that adorns it throughout.

Key highlights:

  • 100% Khadi Cotton
  • Made in India
  • Unisex
  • Drop Shoulder Oversized Fit
  • Handwoven and Handspun by 4th generation artisan.
  • Only 3-5 meters of fabric can be hand-produced in a single day
  • Fabric - 100% Khadi Cotton

 Note: This piece is made in a limited quantity

Babil Khan in FARAK: The Dichotomy Shirt
Babil Khan in FARAK: The Dichotomy Shirt Sale priceRs. 5,299.00




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