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Comic - Shirt

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In the heart of Farak's creative director, Rishabh, lies a treasure trove of childhood memories, where Sundays were eagerly awaited for more than just a day off. It was the day when the newspaper arrived, accompanied by a comic book, which were windows to a world of adventure and imagination. From the cunning escapades of Chacha Chaudhary to the mysterious tales of Vikram Betal, from the charming simplicity of Malgudi Days to the quirky antics of Suppandi, each comic book was a cherished part of growing up. To immortalize these precious memories, the creative director has meticulously designed the Comic Shirt. Using 100% certified organic cotton, the collection of these beloved comics has been beautifully printed throughout the fabric. Every page, every character, and every moment has been carefully preserved, creating a wearable masterpiece of the laughter, the excitement, and the pure joy of those childhood days spent lost in the world of comics.

Key Highlights:

  • Oversized fit
  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Digital Print

Dispatch Timelines: 7-10 Business Days

Note: This piece is available in limited quantity and won't be restocked. 

Comic - Shirt
Comic - Shirt Sale priceRs. 5,499.00




Our meticulously crafted collection, Karamkaar, gracefully unfolded. The essence behind Karamkaar lies in portraying the profound idea of how an individual's actions, or "Karm," subtly transform them into a "Karamkaar."