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The Maharaj - Tshirt

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About the design:

The “The Maharaj” tee is a beautiful amalgamation of wooden block print designs crafted into abstract art. The vision behind the design was to break the barrier of the traditional method of hand block printing and transform it into an abstract form of Streetwear art.

The piece includes a hand-stitched portrait of Shiva ji Rao Maharaj and an excerpt written by Mahakavi Bhushan Tripathi circa 1673 in his collection of poems “Shivraj Bhushan”. The poem is hand embroidered on the piece by our in-house artists.

The piece includes a patchwork of a hand-screen printed portrait of Shiva ji Rao Maharaj at the bottom corner and a hand-embroidered poem at the back of the tee. The FARAK logo is hand embroidered at the center front of the piece.280 GSM

Fabric and styling details:

  • 100% cotton terry
  • Dropped Shoulder loose fit
  • Unisex T-shirt

Note: This piece is made in a limited quantity. 





Our meticulously crafted collection, Karamkaar, gracefully unfolded. The essence behind Karamkaar lies in portraying the profound idea of how an individual's actions, or "Karm," subtly transform them into a "Karamkaar."