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The ‘Process’ T-shirt

Sold out

  • About the design:

    In front of you is the main T-shirt that encapsulated the whole collection SAFAR. The journey of mixing old traditional patterns and methods with contemporary looks and feels has a sense of farrago in it. The t-shirt has a blend of beautifully unorganized patterns that give it an edgy look. Wooden hand printing techniques are used to give the farrago of designs a rustic look. When simple and minimalistic don't work for you, this T-shirt will. 

    Fabric and styling details:

    • 280 GSM
    • 100% cotton French terry
    • Dropped Shoulder loose fit
    • Unisex T-shirt
    • Wooden block hand printed elements through the piece

     Note: This piece is made in a limited quantity. Therefore, it will never be restocked once sold out*