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The Void - Tshirt

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About the design:

The “void” tee is one of our most special pieces out of the whole collection. Kālidāsa is considered the representative of Indian Culture. His character follows the idea of the Indian thought process. At the same time, their natural feelings are expressed by him very delicately and effectively. He is regarded as one of the greatest Sanskrit authors who ever lived. The design is an excerpt from one of Kalidas’s most famous works and is hand-screen printed.

रिक्तः सर्वो भवति हि लघुः पूर्णता गौरवाय।

Which translates to - Everything of void substance becomes light, and fulfilment contributes to heaviness, i.e., respect.

Fabric and styling details:

  • 280 GSM
  • 100% cotton terry
  • Dropped Shoulder loose fit
  • Unisex T-shirt
  • FARAK logo in Hindi hand screen printed in the center of the tee. The sleeve includes a hand-embroidered patchwork of the collection logo DWITIYA - FARAK. 

Note: This piece is made in a limited quantity. 





Our meticulously crafted collection, Karamkaar, gracefully unfolded. The essence behind Karamkaar lies in portraying the profound idea of how an individual's actions, or "Karm," subtly transform them into a "Karamkaar."