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'Tu Tu Mein Mein' - Tshirt

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Farak's latest creation, a tee inspired by the timeless phrase "tu tu main main", pays homage to the lighthearted verbal sparring that has been a part of our lives since childhood. The creative director, Rishabh's vision was to translate this humorous aspect of our daily interactions into a visual design. The tee serves as a reminder of how the "tu tu main main" banter, once a staple of our verbal exchanges, has now found its way into our online conversations, continuing to be a humorous part of our lives. This tends to embrace the fun and nostalgia of these verbal tussles, celebrating the enduring nature of this phrase that has added a touch of humour to our lives, both past and present.  

Key Highlights:

  • Oversized fit
  • 100% Organic cotton
  • 280 GSM French Terry

Dispatch Timelines: 7-10 Business Days

Note: This piece is available in limited quantity and won't be restocked. 

'Tu Tu Mein Mein' - Tshirt
'Tu Tu Mein Mein' - Tshirt Sale priceRs. 4,199.00




Our meticulously crafted collection, Karamkaar, gracefully unfolded. The essence behind Karamkaar lies in portraying the profound idea of how an individual's actions, or "Karm," subtly transform them into a "Karamkaar."