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In March 2021, Farak began a mission to revolutionize the way we view the Indian streetwear genre. Farak is a Jaipur-based premium streetwear brand that seeks to redefine Indian artisanal luxury. The word FARAK is from the Urdu language that means “Difference”. A key point we aim to make as a brand is to promote sublime talent and extravagant south Asian culture and Indian artisanship into the contemporary streetwear genre in a pioneering way.

While creating an eccentric fit with creative flair, we give great thoughts behind the stories we want to tell. Stories of the tremendous South asian history, artists, and rich ancient artistic masteries. Each of our garments is constructed using Handwoven, Handspun, and vintage printing methods by generational artists. Our designs gain exclusivity as they are fresh, captivating, and silhouettes tailored using rare ancient Indian techniques. Starting from the base material to the final embellishment each aspect is thought of very consciously to give you a premium feeling every time. With our creations, we wish to jog people's memories with beloved historical tales and create a nostalgic feel.
We define our vision as redefining and reinterpreting the world of streetwear fashion with the splendor of Indian culture globally. Indian culture and artists have left exquisite legacies behind which we wish to reawaken and take to the global eyes. With Indian arts and their unlimited potentials, we aim to leave a strong Indian footprint in the fashion land.
Farak is what “Farak” we are aiming to make in the lives of every Indian by connecting them with their roots and to all the artisans by giving them the opportunities to showcase their skills fused with the edgy look and feel. Conventional is boring. And that is not what Farak stands for.
Owned and managed by Rishhabh Kumar