FARAK is an Urdu word that stands for 'difference' or 'being unique'.

FARAK is a premium streetwear brand that seeks to diversify and redefine Indian artisanship and its culture. Each garment is an ode to the delicacy of traditional craftsmanship, dialogued with the western hue of fashion. The conversation of these "Two Worlds" is where all the "FARAK" lies.

Our vision is to narrate the exquisite tale of Indian culture and offer something authentic to the world. We plan to recontextualize the traditional artisanship and transform it into creating a legacy. We felt India's art has the potential to reach the masses and connect with the outside world and make them fall in love with its culture.

The uniqueness of our products lies in manual workmanship of Indian artists, with each part of the garment being proudly made in India.