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The Painter's Handmade - Pant

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About the design:

The Painter’s Handmade Pant is a heartfelt tribute to the life of an artist, a vibrant embodiment of the chaos and colours that reside within an artist's mind. It beautifully captures the profound connection between the creative act and the creator. This exquisite piece undergoes an elaborate six-phase block printing process, each step a testament to the dedication and skill involved. Crafted from 100% Khadi Denim, it proudly hails from India and bears the distinctive touch of a fourth-generation artisan, Pramod Ji from Fatehpur. Handspun and handwoven with care, it then travels to Jaipur to be adorned with intricate handblock printing by another fourth-generation artisan, Hari Om Ji. Each jacket is a celebration of individuality, as no two are alike, with each bearing its distinct character and charm. The creation of this masterpiece is a labour-intensive process, with only 2 meters of fabric expertly handcrafted in a single day. In reverence to its exclusivity, we offer this exceptional jacket in limited quantities, with no plans for restocking.

Key highlights:

  • 100% Khadi Denim
  • Made in India
  • Unisex
  • Drop Shoulder Oversized  Fit
  • Six phase block printing process.
  • The creative director and artisans collaborated to craft wearable art.
  • Hand-blocked fabric guarantees unique jackets, no two pieces will be identical.
  • Only 3 meters of fabric can be hand- produced in a single day.

Note: In reverence to its exclusivity, we produce it in limited quantities, and won't be restocked once sold out

The Painter's Handmade - Pant
The Painter's Handmade - Pant Sale priceRs. 11,999.00